by Ugly Answers

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released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Ugly Answers White Lake Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Take Me In Your Arms
Take me in your arms,
and help me to feel good for just once.
Try to love myself.
My heart’s a soulless hell.

Love flows down.

Cute through my thick skull.
And stir up all my fried nerve-endings.
Help me to be good!
Fuck this flesh and blood!

Be my camouflage.
Be my whore of Babylon.
Track Name: The Big Lumbowski Isn't Fucking Dead
There’s a different between
people like me and people like you.
Between how everything seems
and what’s going on behind the screen.

Maybe I just wanna be free,
or maybe I don’t think I deserve to be.
Maybe I just wanna be free,
just fucking exist, like Mercury!

I told you I’d write some new songs,
I never said you’d like them.

So slice open my chest.
And drain all my blood, and fill me up nice.
And then bash in my head,
and rip out my spine.
Please give me back my time!
I want a new heart, and body and mind, alright!?

Leave me by the roadside.
Track Name: French
Thank God my Dad was home.
I couldn’t stop crying when I picked up the phone.

Then Austin sent me a text.
He told me that Brandon, he wouldn’t last,
so come fast.

I tried the best that I can.
I tried to do everything I could.

I tried my best.
Track Name: Tell Mom
I’m happy.
I’m happy.
It’s nice here.
Please don’t miss me.

Tell Michael,
please don’t cry, boy,
and hey, dad,
we’ll play soon.

Tell Mom I’m doing fine,
and I’m happy where I am.
Tell Mom I’m doing just fine.

Tell Cody,
I’m so proud, boy!
And hey, Chad,
hang in there!

And Jessica!
I’m so sorry.
I love you.
Please don’t miss me.

You’ll see me so much
sooner than you think.

And I’m not alone.
I’m not alone.
Track Name: Destination Music
Where ya goin’?
And will you think of me?

What did you mean when you said,
there ain’t no room in your head?

Just stay here.
Don’t scare me.
Track Name: Crash On Pioneer
The Autumn breeze
feels cold on my face.

Still swollen and wet,
from the moments before.

Like it’s some kind of test
that I’m not ready for.

I still feel your warm breath
on the base on my neck.

A catapult
to a safer place.

What does that tree
have in store for me?

The shattered glass
feels hot on my face.

And I can only
hear your words.

There’s been a crash
on Pioneer.
Track Name: Vampires
All these people,
they don’t even know my name.

Try and keep my head down.
Try to stay out of the way.

I'm not here.
No, you can't see me.
Track Name: Psalms 6:6-7
I’m worn out
from sobbing.

All night a flood
the bed with weeping.

Drenching it with my tears.

My vision
is blurred by grief.

My eyes are worn out
from all my enemies.
Track Name: The Road to the Hell-Layer is Paved with Second-Guessing
Hey, old friend.
Where have you been?

It’s been years since
we last spoke,
and the world’s falling apart!

Where have you been?

Sweet first fruits.
Virgins all bruised.

This fucking path is
long and narrow,
and you’ve broken my legs!

Where have you been?

Have I been hard to find?

Have I been out of my mind?
Track Name: My Pet IS a Human
You used to tell me,
“The army’s where I’ll go,
and where I’ll stay.”

Then you would tell me,
“I’ll just get shot overseas,
and there I’ll lay.”

And now you’re gone.

Please don’t go!

I was dreaming,
and on my couch you sat,
and we played games.

So, I held you closely and screamed,
“Why the hell are you hear!?
You shouldn’t be!”